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#9 Conformation BRT in Canada 2017 Click Here

CKC # FD-CN0007528
Born : 27.07.2015

JLPP : Clear; HUU : N/N
JLPP : Clear; HUU : N/N

Breeder: Agata Piotrowska (Poland)
Owner : Jo Ann Larose; Co-owner: Tatiana Adams

Bentley is active, energetic young male with happy and friendly temperament. Glad to see dogs, people or kids for a friendly play. Very showing male. Rich, black and shiny coat, nice dark eyes, beautiful bite. Nice body, good size head, good angulation and great movement. Height 75 cm, weight 130 Lb


Video Bentley with BarentsNight girls, Winter 2016/17 - Watch


JLPP : Clear; HUU : N/N
Bentley health page: Clcik Here

Bentley Achievements

- Long tail Bentley with girls outside having a fun
- Bentley with Krissy and Gaby on St.Lorence river

Thousand Islands Kennel Club show in Brockville
August 18-19/2018. Bentley wom:
August 18th : 2nd; August 19th: Best Of Oposit Sex.
He has now 8 CKC points

Ottawa Kennel Club. Richmond, May 25-26/2019
Bentley after long brake time won:

- Show #1 he was Best Of Winners (2 points)
- Show #2 he won Best Of Breed (2 points)
Congratulations to Bentley and his owner Jo Ann

Arnprior Canine Association, May 11-12, 2018
Bentley won: Show #1 - BOW (1 pont);
Show #2 - 1st; Show # 3 - 1st

Ottawa Kennel Club, May 25-27/2018.
Bentley won: Show #1: BOS (1 point);
Show #2: Second
Show #3: Second; Show #4: Second (7 CKC points)

Kars Dog Club, 21-23/2017
Bentley won: Show #1: BOB (1 point)
Show #2: BOB, BOW (2 points); Show #3: BOS

Kars, July 22/2017
Bentley pass CGN test

Ottawa kennel club. Richmond,
May 27-28/2017
Bentley won: Show #3 - 1st,
BOS; Show #4 ; BOB, BW (2 points)

UKC show in Kingston July 16-17th, 2016
Bentley won: 1st x 4, BOW, Best Male
and CH UKC title!!!

"Dog Runch" Rally class

2015 Ottawa. "Forever Friends"
Puppy Obedience classes.

UKC, Kingston

Bentley taking handling classes

North Gover, Fun Match.
Bentley first "Fun show". He had a fun.

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