Our planned litter
born in April 19 th, 2018
Dam : CH CKC BarentsNight Garbo's Ninotchka
Sire :CH UKC Argus Electra Ordynat for BarentsNight "Bentley", CGN


2 Handsome Boys and 5 Hunky Girls. All puppies are N/N and JLPP: Clear

Puppies Pedigree

2 girls are available
For more information please contact Doug Adams or Tatiana Adams (613)258-5702 or
by email tanya@barentsnight.ca

Puppies Videos

- 7 weeks old Watch Video
- 6 weeks old Watch Video
- Puppies 5.5 weeks old Watch Video
- Pink Girl loves her toys Watch Video
- Kids four weeks old Wach Video
- Video of puppies at age 8 days old To wach video

Five weeks old and great weather to be outside

Sleeping time

Kids 17 days old

Kids seven days old

Kids 4 days old


BarentsNight Garbo's Ninotchka litter, 2018