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Litter - "P"
Born Apri 19, 2018

Litter M

BarentsNight Precious Beauty "Frieda"
BarentsNight Prima Donna "Layla"
BarentsNight Perfect Match "Bonitta"
BarentsNight Peach Perfect "Anastasia"
BarentsNight Pink Panther "Ania"
BarentsNight Pause In Time "Watson"
BarentsNightProve Me Wrong "Gabor"

Litter - "Q"
Born August 10, 2018

Litter M


Litter "R" coming soon

For more infor please contact
us by email:

Litter - "M"
Born April 30, 2016

Litter M

- BarentsNight Muppet Mania
- BarentsNight Magnolia

Litter - "N"
Born April 11th, 2017

Litter M

- BarentsNight National Treasure
- BarentsNight Night Watcher
- BarentsNight Never Say Never
- BarentsNight Novel Concept
- BarentsNight Night Of Stars
- BarentsNight Northern Lights
- BarentsNight Nice and Easy
- BarentsNight Noble Class
- BarentsNight Never Let Me Go
- BarentsNight Natural Beauty

Litter - "O"
Born May 15th, 2017

Litter M

- CH CKC, CH UKC Barents Night Ophelia "Livi", CGN
- Barents Night Oscar Winner "Nicco", CGN
- Barents Night Odyssey "Leo", CGN
- Barents Night Orion Nebula "Jake"
- CH CKC, CH UKC Barents Night Object of Art
"Zorro", CGN, RN

- Barents Night One in a Million "Monty"



  Litter - "H"
  Born April 30th, 2014

- Barentsnight Head Mistress (Rosie)
- Barentsnight Heart To Heart (Tyson)
Night Have It May Way "Cody", CD, TT, CGN

- CH FCC Barentsnight Hint of Heaven "Luch", CGN
- Barentsnight Hurricane Force (Eli)

  Litter - "J"
  Born January 4th, 2015

- BarentsNight Jewel of Rideau


Litter - "L"
Born February 17th, 2016

- BarentsNight Living Large
- CH UKC BarentsNight Like it or Not "Sky", CGN
- CH UKC BarentsNight Lord of the Ring "Toofan", CGC
- Barentsnight Love Me Forever
- BarentsNight La Dolce Vita "Marpe", CGN, RN, RI
- BarentsNight Lady in Black
- GCH CKC, CH UKC, FCC BarentsNight Light My
Fire "Gaby", CGN, TT

  Easter Litter - "E"
  Born April 5th, 2012

- BarentsNight Ellery Queen Mystery
- BarentsNight Eliza Doolittle (Miki)
- GR CH AKC, CH CKC BarentsNight Ebony
Princess Dominika at GBK

- BarentsNight Eve Samantha Benoit
- BarentsNight Evening Star "Raeven"

  Litter - "F"
  Born September 7th, 2012

- Barentsnight von Frankenstein for Altair
- CH UKC, AKC Barentsnight Fleur de Lis, TT
- BarentsNight Fairy Nochka
- Barentsnight Fortuna Udachi (Willa)
Alite FCC Barentsnight Fabulous Daizy, CGC

  Litter - "G"
  Born April 18th, 2013

- CH CKC BarentsNight Garbo's Ninotchka
- BarentsNight Geraldine Jones (Bear)
- BarentsNight Guardian Angel (Theodore),
CG, Advenced Novice

- BarentsNight Great Gatsby (Binoo)
- BarentsNight Gold Strike Koba, CGN
- CH AKC BarentsNight Gypsy King
Serge, CGC, AKC RN, TT

  Litter - "V"
  Born January 26, 2008

- Barentsnight Valentina Abby, CGN, RN, RA, RE
- CH IBCA BarentsNight Viscountess Vikki
- BarentsNight Vlad Tsarevich (Drago)
- BarentsNight Vernal Equinox (Austen)
- CH IABCA BarentsNight Vantage Point
- BarentsNight Vigilant Scarlet
- BarentsNight Velvet Veronika

  Litter - "B"
  Born November 10, 2009

- CH AKC, UKC, IABCA, Int. Midnightsolo Benan
Elijah, CGC, TT, RN, RA, RE, URO1

- GrCH CKC, CH IABCA BarentsNight Bella
Donna, CGN

- BarentsNight Black Pearl
- CH IABCA BarentsNight Baron Corrado
- BarentsNight Baronessa Ivy
- BarentsNight Blaze of Light (Mitchel)
- CH CKC BarentsNight Black Velvet, CGN,

  Litter - "C"
  Born December 2nd, 2010

- BarentsNight Cleopatra
- CH AKC BarentsNight Czarina Anya, CGC
- CH CKC BarentsNight Calypso Queen
- BarentsNight Crystal Belle
- CH CKC BarentsNight Charm of Russia
- BarentsNight Carpatian Lokyss, CGN
- BarentsNight Crimson& Clover

  Litter - "I"
Born June 12, 2014


- BarentsNight Iceberg Queen


- BarentsNight Ironhead
- BarentsNight Innocent
- BarentsNight Imperium
- BarentsNight Iceman
- BarentsNight Idealist

  Litter - "K"
  Born January 23, 2016

- BarentsNight Koketka "Tasha"
- BarentsNight Kimberly
- BarentsNight Kingdom of Gods
- BarentsNight Kindred Spirit
- CH CKC BarentsNight Ksenia "Lola", CGN
- CH CKC, CH UKC BarentsNight Krystal Light,

- BarentsNight Katerina
- BarentsNight King of Queens
- BarentsNight Kaliostro "Louie"
- BarentsNight King of Night

Litter "C"
Born March 22, 2018

Dam: CH UKC, CH ABIc Russian Pride Eva
Veta's Dynasty
Sire: CH CKC, CH FCC, CH UKC Hermes De Gaule


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